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Travel Trends and  Tourism Guide for 2022

Travel Trends and Tourism Guide for 2022

2020 is, unbelievably, drawing to a close and we’re heading ever so quickly into 2021., the worlds leading online Travel Agency, has predicted the travel trends for 2021, some of which we have detailed below.

The Rise of the Second City Traveler:

We are becoming more uncomfortably aware of our devastating effect on our beautiful planet earth, and so travelers are making a change. Travelers are now holidaying in the less-visited locations, which provide similar experiences to the more popular tourist destinations, in order to lower the damage caused by high volumes of foot traffic.

This is great for places in the cotswolds like Bourton on the Water which has suffered some devastating losses over the past few years making life for residents less peaceful and more difficult travel trends.

Pets are High Priority:

When choosing where to stay, 42% of people agree that they would choose a holiday destination based on whether they could bring their pets and 49% of people are willing to pay extra in order to do so. Owning a holiday home and not being pet-friendly means that owners are missing out on a huge portion of the market. This is one trend that should not be ignored.

UK Travel Trends:

In 2021 we will see a rise in grandparents going on holiday cottage with just their grandchildren. 71% of grandparents believe that it is important for parents to spend time together alone and 72% of grandparents agree that spending time with their grandchildren makes them feel younger.

We are all becoming increasingly aware of the mental health benefits of spending time with the people you love, so this growing trend comes as no surprise to us. If you’d like to find out more about the travel trends for 2021

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