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The Complete Package

So, you have a Holiday Home, or you are thinking of turning your second property into one, but you do not know where to start. Let us help you.

Providing the best holiday in your home:

From the moment your guests book we endeavour to respond to any of their queries within an hour and meet any of their requests (within reason) in order to make them feel welcome before they set foot into your home. Once they arrive, they will be greeted with a hamper which can be tailored to the purpose of their stay, or to the season. Any problems will be dealt with quickly and with as much ease as possible.

Once they stay, we request for their feedback, we always ask for a review and for any helpful feedback in order to ensure that we are always improving our service.

Your Personal Property Manager:

Come & Stay Ltd. have a team of trustworthy cleaners, managers and maintenance staff to take care of your home. We take care of changeovers, property checks and being on call for your guests should there be any problems during their stay. We have an average of 4.8 out of 5 stars for cleanliness, guest interaction, thoughtful touches and outstanding hospitality.

Changeover and Safety Checks:

We ensure that everything is working well and that the house is ready to wow your guests. Our house keepers are employed and trained by the Director who endeavours to know everything about your unique holiday home.

We also ensure that the property is frequently safety checked, everything from the carpets on the stairs, to the fire alarms on the ceilings.

Showing off your property:

We will market your property on our own website, Airbnb, and any other website that we feel your property would suit. We play to your house’s strengths and ensure that our own photographer captures the best of your home. Photography is complimentary and you will not be charged until we make a booking.

The Process

  • Safety Measures

    We know this bit can be scary but you must make sure your holiday home is fit for the public before we start taking bookings. You need working smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors where appropriate. You need to ensure that fire exits are clearly outlined (this can be done in the guest book we write for your property) and are kept clear. Ensure a fire blanket, fire extinguisher and first aid kit are made available to your guests. This will all be covered in your owner’s guidebook.

  • We Meet

    This is where the fun starts! We meet, get to know each other and talk about your goals. Ideally, we would meet at your property, so that Come & Stay Ltd can see what it is you have to offer the marketplace. Please understand that we do not take on every Holiday Home we view – this is not to be taken personally, we just know our guests very well and we know what they are looking for. If we sadly decide that we are not a match for you, we will still give you some guidance and advice on how best to get started and how to market your Holiday Home.

  • Paperwork and Signatures

    Once we are both happy that we are a match, then Come & Stay Ltd. will send out the necessary documents which will outline what we can and will do for you. As soon as we sign, we get started.

  • Click Click!

    This is one of our favourite parts – the complimentary photo shoot! We have our own photographer who we will schedule to come and take photographs of your Holiday Home. We will dress the home with fruit, coffee, wine and anything else that looks great! We know you are busy, and we are happy to manage the photoshoot on your behalf should you be unable to make it, but please feel free to come along and join in. If you have any ideas, they are always welcome.

  • Upload

    The photographs are then uploaded onto our system alongside all the necessary Holiday Home information (e.g. bedrooms, living spaces, amenities etc.). Once it has been uploaded onto our system, the advertisements are then pushed through onto Airbnb,, Rentals United and more! You will be given your own profile on our system, where you can view the bookings, view your income and make any reservations at your Holiday Home.

  • We Go Live!

    The average time it takes for us to get from Paperwork to Upload is just two working days. We only charge when we receive a booking. The process of getting online is simple, quick and free! What is not to love about Come & Stay Ltd?