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Ways To Encourage Repeat Holiday Bookings

Ways To Encourage Repeat Holiday Bookings

Ways To Encourage Repeat Holiday Bookings

If you are running a holiday rental business, repeat bookings are essential to your success. But how do you encourage guests to come back and stay with you again?

You can do a few key things to make your rental property more appealing and encourage guests to book with you again. This blog post will share the top tips for achieving this. Continue reading to learn more!

An Excellent First Impression can Work Wonders

If you want your guests to remember you, the first and last impressions are incredibly significant. You can contact them in advance to see whether they have any requests or whether you can do anything to make their stay more pleasurable before they come to your holiday let property.

You want people’s memories of their stay with you to be great, so it pays off that before guests arrive, you take care of all those small details which could make an enormous difference between an ideal holiday experience for everyone involved!

Guests should feel special and appreciated. A simple “Thank you!” will go a long way in person but offering them something to take home with them as an extra ‘thank you’ is even better! Some ideas for mementoes include pickles or jams from your region – there are endless possibilities, so have fun thinking up what would fit best where you live.

To thank your guests, send them a friendly email a few days after their visit. They will surely remember you whenever they plan another trip to that location!

Handle any guests' Issues Immediately

The best way to make your guests feel welcomed and respected is by handling their issues as soon as they arise. Be friendly, professional, but firm when addressing an unpleasant situation or problem that may be bothering them. Guests want a memorable experience where you listen intently to what is going on to provide solutions instantly! Guests will never forget how you dealt with their problems while staying at your property. You should always listen and help without hesitation because this makes a memorable experience for them!

It is critical to provide an excellent customer experience to maintain their loyalty. Make sure you keep track of any difficulties they experienced so that everything can go smoothly when they come back!

Keep in Touch with Your Guests.

Keep in Touch with Guests

When you are ready to re-book former guests, you will have to think about who to call, how to reach them, and what to say. Occasionally sending a letter or card to your visitors is a beautiful way to stay in touch with them.

Looking back and ensuring you do not forget anyone is essential. You should also glance through your evaluations and those provided by others, flagging any complimentary reviews for future contact lists!

It is certainly possible to overdo it with email communication but going radio silent for a year before getting in touch might be excessively long. We propose sending out communications twice a year. This serves as a constant reminder without being bothersome. To remind yourself to contact people, set calendar reminders throughout the year.

Always keep in touch with your guests, even while they are away from you. Offer them a personalized touch, so the holiday let feels like it is just for them! Offer exclusive discounts on anniversaries or birthdays to make their day more memorable. You may also offer/reduce prices on festivals or days your visitors celebrate, for example, New Year’s Eve, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, bachelor party (before the wedding), or Women’s/Fathers’/Mothers’ Day.

You never know when your guests will be planning their next trip, so you should ensure that you are ready for them during peak and off-seasons.

Take Advantage of Irresistible Offers and Deals

Give your guests a reason to re-book with you by offering them exclusive deals and packages. Offer them deals and packages just for being loyal while also making sure you never miss an opportunity of giving something extra-special when it comes time for the holidays! This is an opportunity to offer packages at reasonable prices. Take advantage of their preferences and make it a memorable experience for them by customizing the service how they want it, with pricing explicitly tailored toward what best suits you and is attractive to your guests. With a bit of care and attention, your guests will feel like they have been welcomed back home.

While guests love the word “complementary” and “FREE,” they especially like them when something interests them. So, while putting together a holiday package for your visitors, give them some complimentary items to make their stay more pleasurable!

Feedback is Critical

Guest Feedback

It is crucial to remember that, apart from the problems you resolve, there may be other visitors who do not complain or prefer to let it go. Most of the visitors like staying at your holiday let. That is why you should always ask for feedback from all your visitors during their stay or at checkout. Ask your guests to leave a review on a website or provide feedback in person.

Asking guests what they like, and dislike is a fantastic way to determine what they want to change about your property. Do not be afraid to receive negative comments since they will assist you in improving the quality of your services. If you ask for their thoughts, any new ideas they have for your holiday let property to implement, or their suggestions on how you may improve certain aspects, guests will be pleased. However, do not just accept their ideas and leave them as that. Try to work on the solutions they offer. Or, at the very least, consider them.

The easiest method is to do a survey and use open-ended questions as much as possible so that your visitors can provide their answers/feedback quickly and easily.

Remember Your Guests Names Every Time They Visit You

It is always a pleasure to address your visitors by name during their second (or even first) visit. It has a personal feel about it while also appearing professional. It is nice to hear someone say your name, especially when your guests are not expecting it. The best way to win people’s hearts from the start is to address them with their names and greet them with a smile.


Delivering an excellent guest experience is critical to encouraging guests to come back and book with you again. By implementing the strategies, we have outlined, you can ensure that your holiday cottages are well-maintained and provide a comfortable living space for your guests. And most importantly, make sure you take the time to connect with each guest and get to know them – this personal touch will set your business apart from the rest.

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