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Marketing Ideas to Promote Your Holiday Cottage

Marketing Ideas to Promote Your Holiday Cottage

Marketing Ideas to Promote Your Holiday Cottage

If you’re a business owner who owns a holiday cottage, you know that the holiday season is crucial for your business. This is the time of year when people are looking to book their vacations, and if you’re not doing everything possible to market your cottages, you will lose out on much potential revenue. This blog post will go through several marketing strategies you can use for your holiday cottage business.

Be Active on Social Media

Social media marketing has become indispensable for promoting any business, and the holiday let industry is no exception. By being active on social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, you can reach a broad audience of potential guests and stay top-of-mind when planning their next vacation. Social media allows you to engage with your customers in real-time, responding quickly to any questions or concerns they may have. Whether posting pictures of your property or sharing travel tips and recommendations for local attractions, staying active on social media is a great way to promote your holiday let business. So why not join the crowd and start leveraging the power of social media today? Your potential customers will be grateful that you did!

Share Deals & Special Offers

As a holiday rental property owner, you’re always looking for new methods to market and fill bookings. One way to do this is to share deals and special offers with potential guests. Social media, email marketing, and even word-of-mouth are viable ways to promote your business. Sharing deals and special offers are a great way to show potential guests that you are generous and willing to go the extra mile to ensure their satisfaction. It is also a great way to create a sense of urgency and encourage people to book sooner rather than later. When done correctly, sharing deals and special offers can effectively boost your holiday property letting business.

Build Relationships with Local Businesses

Building relationships with local businesses can be a crucial strategy for promoting your holiday let business. After all, these businesses are the ones that are most likely to have customers who might be interested in renting your property. And when you have a good relationship with these businesses, they’ll be more likely to give you referrals and promote your business to their customers. There are a few different ways to build relationships with local businesses. One is to introduce yourself and let them know what you do. Another is to offer discounts or special rates to their employees or customers. And finally, you can participate in community events or sponsor local charities. By taking some time to build relationships with local businesses, you can set your holiday property, letting business up for success.

Post Photos & Videos Regularly

Posting photos and videos is one of the most effective online marketing strategies when promoting your holiday home. These photographs and videos offer potential guests an idea of the unique atmosphere if they stay at your place. Since people today are bombarded with information and advertising daily, you must stand out from the crowd to capture their attention. By consistently sharing high-quality photos and videos as part of your content marketing strategy, you can effectively showcase the best features of your holiday let, drawing in new guests, and boosting repeat bookings. So, to grow your holiday let business post photos and videos regularly to engage your audience, build trust, and increase your bottom line!

Provide Floor Plans

One of the most important things to consider when promoting your holiday home letting business is providing floor plans for your properties. This is especially true for more extensive properties, such as 4–5-bedroom homes, which are often in higher demand among tourists. Including detailed, accurate floor plans on your website or other marketing materials gives potential guests a better sense of what to expect when staying at one of your rental properties.

This will help set your business apart from competitors who lack such detailed information, but it can also make it easier for potential guests to choose which property is right for them. With accurate dimensions and interior measurements displayed, guests can easily compare their needs with the features of each property you offer and find the one that best meets their goals and expectations. Overall, providing floor plans for your properties is a great way to help promote your holiday let business and bring more success to your business venture.

Promote Your Holiday Home Through Personalised Emails

When you have gathered a list of email addresses from past guests or those who have made inquiries about your holiday cottage business, you can begin sending out personalised emails promoting your business. You can include information about any special offers or deals you are currently running and highlight some of the critical features of your properties. If you have multiple properties, you could also include a link to a page on your website where guests can compare the different cottages side-by-side. By taking the time to create personalised emails, you will be able to reach out directly to potential guests and help promote your holiday home, letting business more effectively.

At the same time, it’s essential to be aware of GDPR. Please ensure you have permission to contact potential guests and that you are clear about how their data will be used. Being thoughtful about your marketing approach can attract new guests while also staying compliant with the law.

Track Your Bookings

Suppose you’re in the business of renting out holiday cottages. In that case, it’s critical to know where your visitors are coming from. Tracking your bookings can help you identify which websites and channels generate the most interest in your property. This data may help you plan your marketing campaigns and ensure that you target the correct

demographic. Additionally, tracking your bookings can help you identify guest behaviour patterns. For example, you may find that guests who book early are more likely to leave positive reviews. This information can improve your overall guest experience and encourage repeat bookings. Tracking your bookings is essential to running a successful holiday let business.

Listen to Customers' Feedback & Use their Recommendations

Customer feedback is essential for understanding what you’re doing right and where you can improve. When it comes to holiday let businesses, this feedback is critical. After all, people entrust you with their precious vacation time, so you want to ensure it’s a beautiful experience.

One way to collect this feedback is simply asking your guests at the end of their stay. They can provide you with feedback in person, via email, or even through an online survey. This will give you valuable insights and show your guests that you care about their experience and are always looking to improve.

Another way to collect feedback is to pay attention to online reviews. Sites like TripAdvisor and Airbnb are full of honest (sometimes brutal) guest reviews. While it can be tough to read negative comments, they can provide valuable insights into where you need to make changes.

Listening to customer feedback is essential for any business, but it’s vital during the holiday to let business. By paying attention to what your guests say, you can ensure that you’re always providing the best possible holiday experience.

Advertise Your Holiday Home on Holiday Rental Portals

Holiday rental portals and agencies can provide a great way to reach potential guests and promote your holiday let business. By listing your property on a well-established portal, you can ensure that many people interested in renting holiday accommodation will see it. In addition, many portals offer tools and resources that can help you market your property effectively. For example, some portals allow you to create a personalised web page for your property, including photos, descriptions, and contact information. Others may provide an automated booking system that makes it easy for guests to make reservations.

By applying these marketing methods, you can ensure that you boost the exposure of your holiday cottage deserves.

Make Your Holiday Home Disability-Friendly

Making your holiday let disability-friendly is a great way to promote your business. While many think setting aside a few rooms for guests with disabilities won’t have much impact, these accommodations are significant. They help ensure that all potential guests feel welcome and accommodated, and they can also increase the appeal of your property. After all, one of the main obstacles faced by travellers with disabilities is finding safe, accessible places to stay while on vacation. This can lead them to choose properties like yours that provide these accommodations over other alternatives. Therefore, taking steps to make your holiday home disability-friendly can be a valuable marketing tool for promoting your business and attracting more customers. Whether installing accessible features like ramps and elevators or simply ensuring space for a wheelchair in each room, highlighting these efforts can be worthwhile both from a physical and financial perspective. So, if you’re looking for ways to take your holiday let business to the next level, consider making your property more accessible to those with disabilities!

Create an Effective Website

When promoting a holiday let business, having an effective website is critical. A well-designed website acts as a virtual storefront for your business, showcasing your accommodations, highlighting key features, and providing potential customers with information about rates and availability. Choosing a suitable design that communicates your unique value proposition to create an effective website for marketing success is essential. This should include high-quality images of your properties and descriptive copy about their location and amenities. It would help if you were also sure to target potential guests’ needs and interests by incorporating relevant digital marketing strategies like search engine optimisation (SEO) or social media marketing. By prioritising these strategies when creating your website, you will be able to promote your business more effectively and achieve tremendous success in the rental market.

Optimise Your Website for Marketing Success

One of the best ways to promote your holiday let business is to optimise your website for marketing success. This involves carefully managing and updating your website’s content, including meta descriptions, titles, and keywords, to make it more appealing to potential customers and drive more traffic to your site. By focusing on image optimisation, clickthrough, and conversion rates, you can ensure that your website will be a powerful marketing tool for gaining new customers and attracting them to book with you. Additionally, incorporating other online marketing strategies such as social media marketing can further increase the reach and visibility of your holiday let business. With the proper process in place, you can connect with more people and boost your bottom line by effectively promoting your holiday let business online.


Marketing your holiday cottages is a crucial aspect of reaching prospective guests. When done correctly, it’s an excellent way for you to advertise the property with ease! It should be done to appeal to potential guests and promote the benefits you have available at this location, so they can decide whether it would work well with their needs when visiting! If you have any questions about how we could help, don’t hesitate to contact us – our team members want nothing more than success stories like yours.

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