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Choose The Right Holiday Home Management Service

Choose The Right Holiday Home Management Service

Choosing the right Holiday Home Management Company is imperative to making your Holiday Home successful, profitable and enjoyable. There are several things to look out for when choosing the right Holiday Home Management Service which we have detailed below.  

Things to consider choosing a holiday home management service

Come & Stay Ltd offers a wide range of services to our property owners, to ensure that their Holiday Home is professionally and correctly managed. We take care of marketing, customer service, housekeeping and more. We offer our services at highly competitive rates and you can rest assured that you are in good hands with the Come & Stay Ltd team.  

What services are included  in Holiday Home Management

Come & Stay Ltd prefer a hands on approach when it comes to Holiday Property Management. We like to get to know the property, the owners and the guests. This can only work with an extensive and thorough Holiday Home Management Service.


  • Pricing recommendations for the property 
  • Property welcome folder, including property instructions, local information and emergency contact numbers.  
  • Finding your customers 
  • Confirming holiday bookings 
  • Arranging housekeeping  
  • Providing owners with an online owners portal via our Channel Manager 
  • Paying property owners and providing monthly accounts.  


  • Co-ordinating laundry 
  • Co-ordinating cleaning 
  • Co-ordinating gardening 
  • Co-ordinating maintenance 
  • Payment of labour and services on owners behalf.  


  • SEO friendly property description 
  • SEO friendly blogs about your property and/or the local area 
  • Property photograph (seasonal photography available at an additional cost*) 
  • Listing on Come & Stay Ltd and partner sites 
  • Inclusion in social media campaigns


  • Inspection and set up of properties prior to guests arrival by one of the Come & Stay Ltd team 
  • Guidance or distribution of keys to holiday cottage guests 
  • Inspection and lock up of property after departure 
  • Waste removal

Managed Service 

In house emergency contact and/or call out 

  • Out of hours emergency call and/or call out* 
  • Payment of labour on the owners behalf 
  • Annual gas safety check* 
  • Annual fire risk assessment* 
  • Annual risk assessment* 
  • Regular out of season property checks  

Services offered for an additional fee (enquire at if interested) 

Benefits of using a Holiday Home Management

Increased Property Exposure 

The most obvious benefit of using a Holiday Home Management Company is their exposure and ability to find your customers. Using social media, Airbnb,, VRBO and other booking platforms, Come & Stay will significantly increase your property’s digital presence.  


Making the most out of your holiday home, Come & Stay Ltd team with a smart pricing company called Beyond Pricing which uses algorithms to price your property correctly. Based on seasonality, booking platform traffic and local events, we can ensure that you are getting the most income for your Holiday Home.


Property’s are not immune from breakages or breakdowns, so if something goes wrong, we will get the problem sorted quickly on the owners behalf. Rather than always needing to be on call, our team and do this for you. This will not only give you considerably more freedom, but it will alleviate your stress and any potential liabilities 

Great reviews and happy guests

Collecting good reviews and having happy guests is imperative to making a successful holiday home. We have a 98% response rate and are currently ‘superhosts’ on Airbnb. Our guests love our high quality customer service, our warm welcome packs and our responsiveness to any problems that arise. We do all the hard work so that the property owners do not have to. 

Bespoke and tailored holiday home management 

Our current Holiday Home owners love that we get to know their property inside out and we develop a great working relationship with them. Our main goal is to take any stress away from both owners and guests. We are also specialising in our local areas, The Cotswolds & Watchet. We are partnering up with small local businesses to provide them access to our guests by offering our visitors the chance to use the local produce and / or service whilst staying in a Holiday Home, managed by Come & Stay.  


There are plenty of reasons to use a Holiday Home Management Service: 

  • The most obvious reason that Holiday Home Owners decide to use Holiday Home Services is the convenience and the time saved. If you are busy and unable to tend to guests when they need you, then using a Holiday Home Management Company is the best way to solve this problem. 
  • If you don’t live locally, and a guest requires urgent assistance, or would like to be checked in, it is far easier to use a Holiday Home Management Company than it is to travel to and from Home each booking.  
  • The Holiday Home Management Service will also have a supply of cleaners, launderers, repairman and other maintenance workers to help keep your property ticking over.


With all things, there are cons to using a Holiday Home Management Company:  

  • The most common and obvious reason Holiday Home owners decide against hiring a Holiday Home Management Company is that they want to avoid the added expense. Home owners should however bear in mind that, hiring a Holiday Let Management Company can increase the monthly earnings and provide a your guests with a better experience overall. Holiday  Let Management Companies have the time and the resources to execute better marketing, a better guest experience, high-quality management and intensive cleaning. Therefore, despite the added expense, you will be making the most out of your Holiday Home.  
  • There is also no guarantee of bookings whether or not you decide to use a Holiday Let Management service.  
  • You will have little control over who books your property. Come & Stay Ltd does what they can to ensure that guests are respectful and well behaved. We have had a 99+% positive experience with guests over our four years in the business.  

Why Choose Us 

Come & Stay Ltd is a small and local business that is well respected within its community. We have a hard working team and our clients speak very highly of us. We know the Cotswolds area like the back of our hand and we are always looking to expand.  

Come & Stay Ltd is excited to see what houses we can manage next and would love for property owners to come for the ride!  

Final Words 

There are pros and cons to hiring a Holiday Let Management company, however if you have a property that you wish to let, and you’re not sure where to start, then they are perfect for you. Holiday Let Management Company’s often request a minimum of a six month trial as this allows for enough time to prove their occupancy rate and income levels for you. 

Owners can always decide to take the reigns themselves, but remember the wealth of knowledge, the marketing and the exposure that a Holiday Let Management Company can offer you. Come & Stay Ltd loves hosting guests, showcasing your home and making the most out of your beautiful property. We believe we can offer each owner a tailored Holiday Letting experience, offering high earnings, occupancy and high-quality reviews.  

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