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Eco-Friendly Holiday Cottages 

Eco-Friendly Holiday Cottages 

Come & Stay is on a mission to provide guests with a wonderful holiday home experience, whilst supporting the environment and our local communities.

Holiday Cottages in UK

The world is waking up to its obligation to the environment and our need to take care of our planet Earth. We therefore understand the importance of making the small yet meaningful and continuous changes to our holiday homes, to ensure that over time they become Eco-Friendly Holiday Cottages.

Our goal is for our guests to travel, enjoy their stay in the knowledge that they are making a difference in some of the Best Holiday Cottages UK.

Foxcote Grange, Cheltenham

Foxcote Grange Eco-Friendly Holiday Cottage

Foxcote Grange is nestled within the hills above Cheltenham Spa town. Offering six bedrooms and ample space for extra visitors (such as infants and pets), this is a house that is perfect for a getaway with a large family or group of friends.

When guests arrive at the property they will be greeted on-site by the owner or the Come & Stay team. We place flowers that we pick ourselves which promotes growth within our bee friendly garden.

There is so much to do at Foxcote Grange that there is hardly any need to do any driving. Enjoy the swimming pool which is strictly only heated during the summer months, pony rides, tennis (our own local coach can be available to offer one on one training too), zip wire and games room. Guests can also explore the local area by simply walking through the garden and onto the infamous Cotswold Way, allowing guests to experience a beautiful walk without having to drive there first.

Foxcote Grange is one of the most Luxury Holiday Cottages UK and offers guests a truly wonderful eco-friendly experience.

Tump Cottage, Stonehouse

Tump Eco-Friendly Cottage

Tump Cottage is a beautiful one-bedroom Cottage situated in the small village of Nympsfield. A perfect village for a rural escape. The cottage is a converted barn that features a lot of its original wooden beams and remains true to the old building. Tump shares a large water tank with its neighbouring cottages, Tinkley and Nympy cottage, which ensures that we keep water use to a limit whilst also providing enough water for our guests.

Wanting to eat well and local whilst you enjoy Summer Holiday Cottages UK? Well at Tump, we have our own Plum tree which guests are welcome to pick from should they so desire. Wood for the fireplace is also sourced and cut locally, ensuring that we support small and local brands.

Dereham Cottage, Moreton-in-Marsh

Dereham Eco-Friendly Holiday Cottage

Holiday Cottage Winter Breaks are best enjoyed in a cottage with a fireplace. Look no further than Dereham Cottage! Dereham is situated on the High Street in Moreton in Marsh, meaning that guests are no longer needing to drive to explore the local area. Dereham Cottage has also banned the use of coal, ensuring that only locally sourced wood and old recycled paper is used to provide our guests with the enjoyment of the fireplace.

We have limited our use of plastic by placing all soaps in refillable containers. Decorative pieces around the home include upcycled bottles and containers which make for beautiful vases and small storage pots. This is one of our most eco-friendly holiday cottages and its location makes it even more appealing to our guests.

Tinkley Cottage, Nympsfield

Tinkley Cottage Eco-Friendly Barn

Tinkley Cottage is the neighbour of Tump Cottage and is also a converted barn boasting of many of its original features. We are keen for our guests to correctly dispose of their waste after they leave, and our recycling area is very clearly labelled, meaning our holiday homes are doing their part to be eco-friendly holiday cottages.

Sea Spray Cottage, Watchet

Sea Spray Holiday Cottage

Sea Spray Cottage offers a stay right on the coast, which means that our guests have less than a one minute walk to visit the beach. Not many holiday homes can offer this and we are so proud to be able to provide this to our adventurous guests.

We have removed all single use plastic from the home and have replaced the windows with double glazing to ensure that heating is sufficient.

The cleaning team are all extremely local, meaning that the staff involved have a minimal distance to travel and are therefore refraining from using motor vehicles to attend the property.

Nympy Barn, Cheltenham

Nympy Barn - Eco Friendly Holiday Barn

Nympy Barn is the other neighbour of Tump Cottage and it is also part of the converted barn. All single use plastic has been removed from the cottage and we have added refillable soap dispensers for our guests to use. Nympy Barn guests are welcome to help us support local businesses (alongside Tump and Tinkley Barn), by opting to purchase goods and services provided by local providers.

We have teamed up with Cotswold Mountain Biking company, who offers bike tours from a nearby village to Nympsfield and around the local area. This allows for our guests to experience the local area without using their car whilst also enjoying the Cotswold fresh air.

Teasel Cross Cottage, Stroud

Teasel Cross Cottage

Teasel Cross Cottage is situated in the eco friendly village of Painswick and offers two bedrooms, suitable for four guests. Teasel Cross Cottage is making continuous and small changes to the house to ensure it becomes one of our most Eco-Friendly Holiday Cottages. We are removing single use plastic as far as possible, and have added reusable soap dispensers to the house. We have also included a bee-friendly garden out back which we continue to grow into a bee haven.

Our goal is to add a herb and veggie patch in the garden for guests to make use of during their stay.

Coach House, Stroud

Coach House Eco-Friendly Holiday House

Welcome to the Coach House, situated in the beautiful village of Painswick. The Coach House offers lavender and rose bed which attracts the bees in the summer and makes a great bouquet for guests in the Autumn. Guests are welcome and encouraged to pick the flowers and the herbs from the garden to promote growth and to use in their Coach House homemade meals.

The welcome packs provided are locally sourced from nearby farm shops, including but certainly not limited to, local honey, Cotswold butter and a fresh loaf of bread.

Between bookings, all unnecessary electric items are switched off


Our holiday cottages are becoming more Eco-Friendly as time goes on. From our Luxury Holiday Cottages in UK, and to the homes that are best for Holiday Cottage Winter Breaks. Come & Stay are doing its part in making the world a more Eco-Friendly Place to travel.

We are also providing our guests with the chance to support our small local business and our directory of these lovely businesses are growing.

Staying in the Best Holiday Cottages UK is great, but staying in Eco-Friendly Holiday Cottages is even better. Come & Stay Ltd specialises in making our local, your luxury.

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