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Climate Friendly Hosting

Climate Friendly Hosting

The Come & Stay team want to to increase our eco-friendly practices going forward and have a few ideas as to how hosts can do so too.


If you are thinking of becoming a host, or if you already have a holiday let and are trying to find ways to be more Climate Friendly, then some of these ideas might be just what you need.

Create a bee friendly space in your garden (if applicable).

Bee friendly spaces could be as simple as implementing a flower bed containing wildflowers, lavender, blue bells, hawthorn and more. Having a bee friendly space can look beautiful and will help the planet! With the right amount of space, this is something that can be implemented quite easily.



Provide compost and recycling bins. 

Although most guests are proactive when it comes to recycling correctly, we find that guests are more likely to recycle correctly if given the proper facilities to do so. Consider adding these facilities to your holiday homes.


Place a washing line outside.

Tumble dryers are not entirely environmentally friendly. They use up quite a lot of energy and are certainly less energy efficient than hanging the washing out to dry. A humble washing line is easy to arrange and a sweet addition to a holiday home.


LED lights

Consider adding LED lights as opposed to halogen lights where possible. LED bulbs are as bright as halogen whilst using 85% less power.


Provide refillable hygiene and cleaning products.

There are a couple of arguments for providing travel size hygiene products: guests like having their own products as it provides a feeling of exclusivity, and the alleged health risks surrounding using shared refillable products also should be considered. However, as the pandemic comes to an end and the focus shifts onto the environment, it may then be time to move towards using refillable hygiene products.


If you are updating your furnishings or amenities, do not be afraid to try second hand or vintage shops.

Using vintage pieces in your home saves buying expensive, brand new furnishings that will inevitably require unnecessary packaging and delivery.


What Come & Stay Ltd. will do:

Over the next few years Come & Stay Ltd. has a plan to become more environmentally friendly. Our current green practices and future goals are set out below:

  • Encourage guests to recycle and use the designated compost areas (where possible).
  • Turn off any appliances that do not need to be on, during breaks in guests staying.
  • Send any Booking Agreements and the Guest Guidebook via email as opposed to a paper copy.
  • Encourage guests to shop local and to support local businesses – stay tuned for more exciting news surrounding this company goal!
  • ecommend walks that include local shops / pubs / restaurants along the way.
  • Where possible our cleaners are encouraged to use eco-friendly cleaning products.
  • Where possible our cleaners are encouraged to clean locally.
  • Where possible our cleaners are encouraged to carpool.
  • Provide additional waste disposal service for food waste only. Food waste being a huge source of greenhouse gases, it is important that we slow down the rate of food waste being thrown away alongside general waste.

2021 may be another tough year, but we endeavour to make it a successful one. We would be thrilled to help you achieve any of your holiday let business goals and if there is anything that we can do to help, then please feel free to get in touch.

Have a great day!

Come & Stay Ltd.

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