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2022 Travel Trend

2022 Travel Trend

7 Predicted Travel Trend of 2021  

2021 does not appear to be any more normal than 2020, therefore we have put together a guide to the anticipated travel trend of 2021 so that we can prepare as well as possible for the year ahead.  This list has been compiled by us, with additional guidance from the market leaders Conde Nast, and Airbnb.

Travel Trend of 2021

1. Working 9 ‘till 5 and beyond

It is of no surprise that we are seeing an increase in inquiries regarding Wi-Fi strength and desk space for each property. Working From Home (WFH) has become the new normal for a lot of the population, therefore creating a huge increase in demand for workspaces in Holiday Home Management.  Therefore, it would be worth checking the Wi-Fi strength in your holiday home and, if not currently available, adding a designated work area if possible.

2. School

With an increase of children being homeschooled, having a workstation suitable for children could be a great addition to your holiday home (if it is a child-friendly one, of course). Child-friendly workstations could offer a desk and chair, multiplication tables, educational games and maybe a chalkboard for education and role play.

3. Staycation

With ever-changing rules and regulations, and people being stuck inside their houses for extended periods of time, it is no wonder that we are seeing a higher volume of inquiries for longer stays (1 week +). We may therefore see a drop in three-night weekends, especially in the larger holiday homes that usually host family get-togethers.

You may wish to consider offering a discount, or complimentary weekly cleaning/linen changes or perhaps a significantly larger welcome hamper, for those guests who are booked to stay for a week or longer.

Price conscious

4. Price-conscious

Sadly, the divide between the rich and the poor has grown exponentially. As a general rule, guests do have exposable income which they are able to spend on travel trend however, you may wish to consider your pricing considering the current economic climate and the best way to travel around London.

5. Luxury

Following on from our price review above, guests who are on the upper level of the economic scale are likely to become more fastidious than ever, understandably wanting the perfect getaway after such a difficult time. Therefore, we are keen to ensure that our service, cleanliness and utilities are all of the outstanding quality. Between April 2020 and January 2021, we maintained our 4.8- star rating (out of 5) across the board and we are confident we will maintain this rating for 2021 and beyond.

Cleanliness and hygiene policies

6. Cleanliness and hygiene policies

Cleanliness and hygiene have been and will be at the forefront of everybody’s mind as a result of the pandemic. Come & Stay Ltd. Have been continuously working with the cleaning team to ensure that they have the correct cleaning equipment and procedures in place.

Eco impact

7. Eco impact

There is going to be a huge push for businesses to decrease their negative impact on the planet and to become more environmentally friendly in the upcoming years. With this in mind, consider ways to make your holiday home greener travel trend. We will explore ways that holiday home owners and hosts can achieve this within our next blog.

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